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November 29, 2018

Nintendo Switch


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Screencheat: Unplugged is the enhanced remaster of the indie splitscreen multiplayer classic where everyone is invisible, so you have to "screencheat"! Screencheat: Unplugged features a myriad of improvements over the original release, as well as alterations tailored just for the Nintendo Switch™, including: a graphical overhaul with more vibrant and clear visuals designed with the portable screen in mind, new and remixed maps, remastered weapons, an updated UI, full support for single Joy-Con™, dual Joy-Con™, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller inputs, and an entirely new soundtrack introducing a fresh and mischievous medley of energetic tracks to enjoy. Remember when looking at your friends’ screen in Goldeneye was frowned upon? Well those days are gone and in Screencheat, we encourage it! Screencheat is a chaotic split-screen multiplayer shooter that forces players to rethink the way they approach conventional multiplayer games. In the Screencheat arena, fast reaction times aren’t enough to keep you alive. When everyone is invisible, players will have to master the art of taking a not-so sneaky look at their opponent’s screens and working out where they are based on uniquely coloured areas of the map and distinctive landmarks. Screencheat pays homage to iconic competitive first-person shooters such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Halo, by blending the elements everyone loves about those games and shaking it up with its own unique take on the genre. When everyone’s used to playing by the rules, can you adapt to unconventional gaming quick enough to get the upper hand?


Screencheat was originally released for PC / Mac / Linux in 2014 and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. Screencheat: Unplugged is a fully remastered and enhanced version for Nintendo Switch, coming November 29, 2018.


  • Remastered visuals: Completely overhauled visual style, featuring remade maps, weapons and characters.
  • Brand new soundtrack: Energetic, electro, jazzy soundtrack.
  • Play how you want: Full support for single Joy-Con™, dual Joy-Con™, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Unleash your inner cheater: Cheaters never win and never prosper? This is the FPS where everyone is invisible and the only way to murder your friends is to cheat by looking at their screen.
  • Ten unique and crazy weapons: Ranging from the dependable Blunderbuss to the Hobby Horse to the completely crazy Chefolet; a car engine that fires ricocheting energy balls, all are designed to deliver deadly satisfaction.
  • Eleven maps: In the spirit of the best arena shooters you’ll spend time traversing 11 maps via air vents and trampolines until you’ve acquired your target and fragged them accordingly.
  • Nine game modes: From traditional favourites such as Deathmatch to completely unique Murder Mystery that challenges you to find and frag your specific target with a specific weapon. There’s also a multitude of customisation options.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Australian Game Developer Awards 2015 - Technical Excellence" October, 2015
  • "Indie Prize Showcase - Most Innovative Game" May, 2015
  • "Indie Prize Showcase - Best Multiplayer" May, 2015
  • "Freeplay - Finalist for Best Design" April, 2015
  • "IGN Black Beta Select Awards - Runner Up for Best Aussie/NZ-Made Game" February, 2015
  • "Kotaku Awards 2014 - Runner Up for Australian Game of the Year" December, 2014
  • "PAX Aus - Australian Indie Showcase" October, 2014
  • "Melbourne Global Game Jam 2014 - Jamers Choice for Best Game" February, 2014
  • "Melbourne Global Game Jam 2014 - Honorable Mentions for Best Accessibility, Best Use of Theme and Judge's Choice for Best Game" February, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Screencheat is a game blessed with a completely unique and ingenius idea."
    - Mark Serrels, Kotaku AU
  • "Screencheat has one of the most unique twists on the first-person shooter genre in ages."
    - Jeffrey Matulef, Eurogamer
  • "I really like the concept, especially as a game to play with friends in the same room."
    - Nathan Grayson, Kotaku

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Samurai Punk is a Melbourne-based independent game developer that creates games with love and care.

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Mitchell Pasmans (Skeletone Audio)

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